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General Walk in Bath Questions

How do walk in tubs benefit elderly people who are disabled or injured?

Walk in tubs help minimize the chances of slipping both in and outside of the tub in ways conventional tubs cannot. Walk in Tubs are designed with safety and mobility in mind.

What are the benefits of air jet therapy?

Air jet therapy uses an air blower to create thousands of warm air bubbles that lightly massage all areas of your body which create better circulation throughout the body.

What are the benefits of water jet therapy?

Hydro jet therapy applies direct pressure to specifics parts of your body using jacuzzi jets. Water jets help maintain the water temperature with its standard inline heating system.

What are the benefits of a micro-bubble system?

A micro-bubble system is a sophisticated system that creates nano-sized bubbles that exfoliates, hydrate and moisturize skin. After feeling your soft and tender skin after you use this system, you will wonder how you ever bathed without this system. 

How long does it take to Fill and drain a walk in Bath tub?

Depending on the size of the walk in tub the fill time varies, but generally a standard walk in tub takes 5 minutes to fill using our fast fill 3/4″ Huntington Brass Roman Faucet set.

The time it takes for water to drain from a walk in tub depends on age & setup of your current plumbing. The optional speed drain lets you drain your walk in tub in approximately 1 minute using a water pump which forces the water down the drain.

If you have plumbing before 1980, we advise against the speed drain as it may cause damage to your plumbing.

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